At 135 miles long, the Ultrion class flagship MK II is the most powerful ship available from EMETH. Orders are limited to one per nation. It takes a crew of 1,150 men to operate it, they are their to do repairs if the AI breaks down. It has gravity wells capable of making any ships within 110 lightyears unable to jump to lightspeed, a central super-laser capable of cracking a planets crust from space, and a centrel EMP cannon capable of wiping out a ships power with one or two hits.


An image of an Ultrion Class Cruiser

Statistics: Technical Specifications Length: 135 miles

Hyperdrive Rating: 10/10

Sublight Speed: 7/10

Hull rating: Class X reinforced coranthiax

Shield rating: Main: 12 Class XV supercharged shield generator Backup: Class VI shield generator

Navigation Computer: Equipped

Class: Ultrion class

Model: MKII

Armament 5x gravity wells 1x central super-laser 1x central EMP cannon 850x large turbolaser cannons 625x small turbolaser cannons 120x EMP turrets 400x double turbolasers 250x triple turbolasers 275x quad turbolasers 100x tractor beam generators

Crew 1,150, for manual repairs. AI controlled.

Max Passengers 275,000(excluding crew)

Hanger storage: 125,000 small fighters max 700 medium sized ships max (held in specially designed hangars that hold them in a tractor beam suspended)

Cargo Capacity 25,000,000 tons

Consumables 750 years

Price:75,000,000,000,000 USD each

Price is negotiable